We all know it exists but how do we prove it?

Lately I was fired from my position as international sales rep for a modest business attempting to break into the US Marketplace.

Through the very first 3 months of my employment, I contacted hundreds of relevant providers and created significant inroads with prospective distributors. Alternatively of aiding me in closing offers with the distributors, the management seemed to spot obstacles in my path. They refused to present specifications, costs, or documentation for mechanical components.

The CEO was a misogynist and could not have a affordable conversation with me, a lady.

Soon after 3 months, to my surprise, he marched into my workplace and introduced me to my new boss, the new head of my division. I was instructed to pass all of my contacts more than to the new man, which I did. Abruptly, all of my contacts and customers have been out of my attain and in the hands of the new guy.

The new manager was not additional educated than me nor additional skilled. He was, nevertheless, a man.

What option did I have? I cooperated and attempted to perform as a division as an alternative of alone. I arranged for the new boss to attend an international exposition to show off our wares. I set him up with appointments and made a presentation for him to show at the expo.

Soon after three additional months, the new boss was replaced by a newer boss. We had collected so lots of prospective projects that the CEO felt that he necessary an MBA to run the show. I agreed that we necessary a additional knowledgeable manager to deal with the logistics of all the new possibilities I had identified. (Due to the fact the CEO would not or could not perform with me.)

But as an alternative of working with my talents for discovering, contacting and establishing trusting relationships with new shoppers, the MBA asked me to make coffee and sandwiches.

He mentioned that all of my contacts have been inferior and that I had carried out tiny for the business throughout my tenure. A week later, he was flying to New York to meet with all of my, “inferior contacts.” I had to uncover out by way of the workplace grapevine that he was flying off to sign contracts with four distributors that I had initially negotiated.

Quickly immediately after, he fired me. The CEO did not like females and the MBA identified it embarrassing that he knew, and I knew, that all of the small business had been identified by me.

Absolutely nothing is new in this sad story and nothing at all that I can prove. Okay, it occurred to me. Will it also come about to my daughters? My granddaughters?

Should we accept subtle discrimination?

The United Nations and the bigger Multi-national Organizations present questionnaires on their tenders. They have queries regarding the remedy of females. The UN is concerned with Women’s Rights and the International providers want to stay away from becoming sued.

The Europeans request, “Fair Trade,” certification on manufactured solutions. This addresses the challenges of kid labor and unfair employee remedy.

I propose an anonymous blacklist for providers that treat females unfairly. Let’s demand that management treat us with equality. We are half of the workforce. We have households to feed and bills to spend. When we do a undesirable job, we get fired and that is fair. But when we do a very good job and get fired, or demoted to creating coffee and sandwiches?

This have to alter.